Why get ISO certification?
23 oktober 2023 
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Why get ISO certification?

Why get ISO certification? There are numerous reasons why your organisation should seek ISO certification. Imagine this: you are in a tendering process, or want to win a contract with a new customer or government agency. You are fully prepared and ready to go. But in the end you are not chosen because you do not have ISO certification. Missing out on a contract for this reason is not the way you want to miss a tender or a contract with a new customer. Let me tell you this: it is not necessary at all! It is time for you and your organisation to delve into the world of ISO standards and certifications.

More and more companies with ISO certification

Almost 1.8 million companies worldwide now have an ISO certificate, ISO standards are recognised worldwide. More and more companies only want to do business with other ISO certified companies, or they ask for an ISO certificate for further cooperation. Non-certified companies increasingly notice that they are excluded from tenders, for example. For contracts with health insurance companies and municipalities, it more often is a demand to be able to present an ISO certificate.

Why ISO certification can contribute to working atmosphere, among other things

Obtaining an ISO certificate does not mean that you have to carry out a lot of extra administration that takes up a lot of your time. In fact, ISO certification brings many benefits to you and your organisation. An ISO certification helps you to list and improve all business processes in your organisation. It gives you the excellent opportunity to make all processes, tasks and responsibilities within your organisation clear and visible to everyone. This increases the involvement of all employees within the organisation. This is reflected in an improved working atmosphere, reduced workload and reduced absenteeism. A direct positive consequence of achieving ISO certification!

In addition, each ISO standard pays much attention to continuous improvement. Learning from things that are not going well or that could be done better is an important point of attention. This way you keep improving and your performance keeps going up. Enough good reasons why you should get ISO certification.

Different ISO certificates

ISO certification also contributes to a positive image of your company. With an ISO 9001 certificate, you show that you have a good grip on the quality of your products or services. You are transparent in your operational management and quality and customer satisfaction are high on your agenda. An ISO 14001 certificate demonstrates that your organisation considers environmental management of paramount importance and that its environmental performance places as small a burden on the environment as possible. With an ISO 27001 certificate you show that your organisation meets the highest requirements for information security. An ISO certificate demonstrates that your organisation is capable of continuously evaluating, improving and optimising its products, services and processes. Your organisation puts the customer and customer satisfaction first.

Practical ISO ebook

We hope that this article has clarified why obtaining ISO certification can be of great benefit to your organisation. We can imagine that you would like to know more about ISO standards and which standard is suitable for your organisation, and that you would like to see everything in a row again. To help you do this, we have produced an ISO ebook which we are making available to you free of charge. Download our handy ISO 9001 Checklist for free.

Still not quite there and would like some advice on what to do next? We can help with that too! Please contact us for help, additional information or a consultation.

About the author
KAM Consultants was founded by Joost Vaessen in 2011 After seeing various consultants working on ISO implementations in previous years, he decided that ISO certification was becoming far too complex. Reason enough for him to take up the adventure and start his own consultancy firm. Over the years Joost and his team of consultants have guided more than 1000 companies towards various ISO certifications. As a highly experienced consultant, Joost set himself the goal of simplifying ISO certification for companies by sharing knowledge, providing training and developing software.
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