ISO 9001:2015 software

My ISO Genius helps you to instantly implement and maintain your quality management system (QMS) according to the ISO 9001 standard. Within 4 weeks.

+ 1,500

satisfied customers

+ 900

ISO 9001 certificates obtained

+ € 650,000

saved on consultancy
ISO 9001 software

Becoming ISO 9001 certified isn’t expensive, if you don’t hire a consultant. It also isn’t difficult, if you have the right support. Or better said: if you have the right software.

My ISO Genius prepares you for the external audit, and helps you get the well-known certificate that proofs that your company meets all requirements of quality management.

All our experience of more than 900 obtained certifications has been incorporated into this unique, all-in-one solution that makes implementing and maintaining a QMS affordable and easier than ever before!


ISO 9001 Implementation Guide

85% cheaper than consultancy

When you hire an ISO 9001 consultant, it will cost you a whopping € 7,000 to € 8,000. When you implement a QMS yourself with our easy-to-use software, you invest only € 1,000.
ISO 9001 Software

Our support team is there for you

Need help with your stakeholder analysis? Got any questions about your quality manual? Fill in the support form in our software and we will answer you within 1 working day.
ISO 9001 Implementation Guide Time

Implement your QMS in 4 weeks

Our ISO 9001 software helps you to get ready for the external audit in less than a month.
ISO 9001 Software

Access to unlimited users

Other ISO 9001 software charge a fee per user. We don’t. Add as much users as you want.
ISO 9001 Implementation Guide

 No knowledge of ISO 9001 required

My ISO Genuis offers all the information you need. Our software uses clear language that anyone can understand and also includes a free e-learning that shows you exactly what to do.
ISO 9001 Software

Free audit included

One of our consultants will check your documentation and give practical feedback, so that you can apply for the external audit with confidence and are guaranteed to pass it.

All-in-one solution

Everting you need. In one place. 

ISO 9001 software

Helpful resources
My ISO Genius makes implementing your QMS as easy as possible without having prior knowledge of ISO 9001. We offer a free e-learning, ready-made formats, built-in customer support, FAQs and so much more.

ISO 9001 software

Automated tasks
You will get notifications of tasks and necessary updates. Simply click on the notification and execute the task. This way you and your colleagues can work together efficiently, you can be sure that you take the right actions, and your QMS always meet the ISO 9001 requirements. Now, and during the next annual audits.

ISO 9001 software

Process bar
All completed steps will appear automatically in the ‘my management system’ module, so that you can easily track your progress. Have you completed all steps? Then the software will show the option to request an external audit.

ISO 9001 software

PDCA cycle
The ISO 9001 standard uses a method called ‘PDCA’ (Plan, Do, Check, Act) which helps you to improve your company continuously. My ISO Genius uses the same method so that you can follow all 4 phases of this cycle step-by-step.


Monthly billing
€ 99 p/m

✅  Unlimited users

✅  Free access for 3 months

❌  No discount

Yearly Billing (popular)
€ 89 p/m

✅  Unlimited users

✅  Free access for 3 months

✅  Save € 120 a year

About us

KAM Consultants International BV is an ISO specialist that offers advice, training and software. The company was founded by Joost Vaessen, has over 12 years of experience, served more than 1,500 companies and is one of the few ISO specialists in the world that guarantees certification.

ISO 9001 software

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