Online consultancy: an affordable ISO 9001 certification process
24 oktober 2023 
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Online consultancy: an affordable ISO 9001 certification process

In the early 20th century, the fastest way to get from London to New York was by ship. This would take about three days. If you had said that in the future this trip would take a maximum of 8 hours in some kind of iron bird with turbine engines (also called: aeroplane), you would probably have been declared completely crazy.

This is actually how it works with the realisation of the ISO 9001 certificate. Whereas it used to be a long-drawn-out happening, with thick dossiers and other paperwork and a consultant constantly present, it can now be done very differently: online consultancy. We list the 5 most important online consultancy benefits for you.

The 5 benefits of online consultancy

1. Affordable solution

During a consultancy process, a consultant implements the ISO management system within your organisation. In this online process we support you at a competitive rate. The advantage of an online consultancy project? You can be sure that you will implement your management system as efficiently as possible at an affordable price and that you will be assured of obtaining the certificate.

2. Time is used as efficiently as possible

Time is always a very important factor, in everything we do. As an entrepreneur, you are busy enough as it is, and having an external consultant in your organisation can be time-consuming. With an online consultant, you decide together what time of day is most convenient. You turn on your computer, make a connection and you get to work right away. No time wasted on travelling, introductions or whatever. Get to work as efficiently as possible to make the best use of the time.

3. Sustainable solution

The climate and global warming. We all want to do our bit to preserve the environment, to stop global warming. We all want our children's children to be able to enjoy our planet for a long time to come. By engaging the services of an online consultant, you make an additional contribution. Neither party has to travel: no unnecessary energy waste.

4. Suits modern entrepreneurship

Online consultancy is made for the modern entrepreneur. Everything happens online, your whole life takes place digitally, you can even order cars online nowadays! You probably do most of your business online. Since Corona, we have also started to consult much more digitally, teams and zoom are no longer strange to anyone. So why stop at consultancy? That can be done online just as efficiently and thoroughly as offline.

5. Same services as an on-site consultant

With online consultancy you have the same advantages as a consultant on location. Through our experience and expertise, we provide you with equally sharp and thorough advice and offer the same kind of guidance. The only difference is that you receive it all from behind a screen instead of at your own location. For on-man businesses and sole proprietors with a limited budget, this is of course an ideal solution. Why pay more for the same service?

We offer multiple options in terms of online consulting. Depending on your budget and requirements, we make different pathways available. Would you like personal advice regarding your situation? This can be done by means of a non-binding consultation.

About the author
KAM Consultants was founded by Joost Vaessen in 2011 After seeing various consultants working on ISO implementations in previous years, he decided that ISO certification was becoming far too complex. Reason enough for him to take up the adventure and start his own consultancy firm. Over the years Joost and his team of consultants have guided more than 1000 companies towards various ISO certifications. As a highly experienced consultant, Joost set himself the goal of simplifying ISO certification for companies by sharing knowledge, providing training and developing software.
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