ISO 9001:2015 implementation guide (PDF)

Discover step-by-step how to implement a quality management system yourself according to the ISO 9001 standard. In 4 weeks - guaranteed.

R 1,785 

Single Payment. No recurring fees.

including free access to our ISO 9001 software for 3 months

Quality management made simple

The ISO 9001 standard contains difficult words and phrases, that many companies won’t understand.

If you want to get a certification for your company, then you’ll spend most of the process deciphering the requirements to understand what you need to do. Which is a waste of time.

Or you hire an expensive consultant to implement a quality management system (QMS) for you. Which is a waste of budget.

We think this can be done differently. KAM consultants BV therefore prepared this practical ISO 9001 implementation guide.

This guide translates theory into concrete and understandable actions, that improve your business processes, increase your customer satisfaction and earn you the globally recognized ISO 9001 certificate that makes your company even more reliable to potential customers.

What makes this guide so special?

ISO 9001 Implementation Guide Time

Ready in 4 weeks

If you follow the practical weekly schedules, easy steps and time-saving tips, you can request the external audit within 4 weeks and obtain your ISO 9001 certification shortly after.
ISO 9001 Implementation Guide

Handy cheat sheets

This unique guide describes how the external auditor assesses each requirement, so that you can get your certification in one go. You won’t read this in any other guide, book or toolkit.
ISO 9001 Implementation Guide

100% certified

KAM consultants BV implemented systems for companies in construction, industry, healthcare, IT, business services and transport. Of the more than 800 implementations, 100% are certified.
ISO 9001 Implementation Guide

Manual & automated

You discover how to execute each requirement manually in Excel and how to automate the process with our advanced, easy-to-use ISO 9001 software called “My ISO Genius”.
ISO 9001 Implementation Guide

Everything you need

You can get started right away and you don’t have to look anything up. After implementation,
you only have to fill in the registration file for your ISO 9001 application. That’s all.
ISO 9001 Implementation Guide

Only R 1,785 

When you buy other guides to implement
a QMS yourself, you usually pay around R 15,250. When you hire a consultant to implement a QMS for you, you’ll easily pay R 87,500 to R 385,000

About us

KAM Consultants International BV is an ISO specialist that offers advice, training and software. The company was founded by Joost Vaessen, has over 12 years of experience, served more than 1,500 companies and is one of the few ISO specialists in the world that guarantees certification.