From organisational context to strategic plan

Why the power of insight into your risks and opportunities works to your advantage. The new generation of ISO standards has a direct link to the business strategy and operational

Measuring customer satisfaction

Measuring customer satisfaction is an important part of the ISO 9001 standard. For many, the requirement from the standard is not entirely clear, which leads people to believe that it

How do you perform a stakeholder analysis?

Stakeholders: every company has them but not everyone manages them equally well. And that is a shame. Responding to and properly dealing with stakeholders can ensure that your company does

ISO 9001 and growing organisations

An often-heard reason for wanting to obtain an ISO 9001 certificate is that the certificate is demanded by clients. This is often the moment for many organisations to become acquainted

Make a management review without extensive reporting

Traditionally, the management review is an extensive report in which all elements are discussed and highlighted in detail. As a result, the management review is seen by many organisations as