What is an ISO certification?

The question what is an ISO certification is not a question answered easily. The world of ISO standards can be quite complex. In this article we try to provide a

ISO 9001 | Help with certification

Explanation, requirements and checklist ISO 9001 is the most common used standard on quality management. With an ISO certificate you show how much value your organisation places on delivering and

How do you prepare your organisation for the ISO 9001 certification?

You want to or you have to obtain ISO 9001 certification, but where do you start? In this step-by-step plan, we explain how an organisation prepares for ISO 9001 certification.

What investment is needed to obtain ISO 9001?

Every company is different: type of service, number of employees and number of branches. Not every organisation has the same wishes and needs and so there is no single fixed

Setting goals that actually are achieved

An important part of being effective in improvement is setting goals. Not setting goals leads to stagnation and regression. The competition will also be one step ahead of you every

Determine responsibilities, roles and authorities

Every standard requires the definition of roles, responsibilities and authorities. Most organisations work with job profiles. Some organisations specifically choose not to. Nevertheless, this standard requirement must be met. Defining

Internal audits ISO 9001

For almost every standard it is required to perform an internal audit. Especially in ISO 9001, it is an important part of the standard and quality improvement. In this article

ISO 9001 and growing organisations

An often-heard reason for wanting to obtain an ISO 9001 certificate is that the certificate is demanded by clients. This is often the moment for many organisations to become acquainted

Make a management review without extensive reporting

Traditionally, the management review is an extensive report in which all elements are discussed and highlighted in detail. As a result, the management review is seen by many organisations as